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What are the posting guidelines at Ichigo's Forums?

Please read these carefully! If you violate these guidelines, your post may be edited, or you may be warned or suspended.
  • Do not double post (ie. post after yourself). Use the edit button instead.
  • All posts must be in English. If you are to type in a different language, provide a translation so everybody can read it. Also, please refrain from blatantly interjecting foreign words in English sentences, like "That neko is so kawaii~!". For a more detailed explanation, see this FAQ item.
  • No one-on-one conversations in a thread. These can go on for pages, easily go off topic, and dominate the thread, forcing other people out of it. Use Private Messages or an instant messenger instead.
  • Please do not use AOL Speek ('u', 'ur', 'ne 1', etc.) If you are too lazy or stupid to use normal English, don't expect anyone to want to read your post.
Any of the following with NOT be tolerated and may result in removal of your account:
  • Any form of racism or racial elitism.
  • Objectionable material. Most members of this board are under 18. While this is the internet and freedom of speech prevails, please try to keep it clean. If you are going to post something that is "R-rated", be sure to warn people so they don't click on it while at work or if it might get them in trouble.
  • Posting, posting links to, or requesting any sort of media that violates copyright acts. This includes but not limited to warez, movies, mp3s, and licensed anime. Ichigo's will not tolerate illegal distribution of anime that has been licensed in the United States. We all love anime, so please support licensed anime by purchasing it. Private servers of licenced MMORPGs (RO, PT) are illegal and discussion or solicitation of them is not welcome.
  • Spamming in any way shape or form. This includes cross-posting (posting the same message on several threads.)
Our members are the soul of Ichigo's, and we expect everyone to be treated with respect.
  • Treat all members with respect. Any personal attacks on another person or their beliefs is not tolerated.
  • Any arguments about personal matters between users will be deleted. Constructive arguments about subjects such as religion are fine, anything that digresses into personal attacks is not. Use a method of communication outside the forums.
  • Be honest in your posts. Don't think up BS to post just to get attention. Saying "OMG I'VEN BEEN RAPED" and then 10 pages later saying it's a joke is not funny, so don't do it.

What about swearing?

Swearing is acceptable (although not encouraged) as long as it is not overused or directed at a member.

Can I post in other languages besides English?

The rule is designed for two purposes: First of all, this is an English forum, so it's expected that if you can understand English reasonably well you can participate in discussions. This means you shouldn't be posting in German, Japanese, ig-pay atin-lay or any other non-english language. Secondly (and here's where we've been running into a problem) noone should be interjecting words for the sole purpose of having the word there.

This is just fine: "I polished my katanas last night."
This isn't: "My katanas are so kawaii!"

Obviously, katana is a borrowed word from the Japanese language what is not in the English dicitonary (I think..) Yes, you could say "curved, Japanese sword" but there's no reason to. However, there is no reason to use kawaii. It is obviously being used for the sole purpose of the existance of Japanese in the sentance. Why can't you just use cute? And why are your katanas cute anyway!?

There's no way to explicitly define this as a rule. However, we take two big steps to solving this problem. First, ask yourself if you are putting a foreign word in your post "is it really needed to convey the meaning?" If it's not, use the translation. If you REALLY think it is, provide a translation. If it's a loan word, like katana, it's fine. Second, if you get called out or warned for using it by a mod or other member, don't get offended. Edit your post, apologise (don't say "gomen nasai") and don't worry about it!

Hope this helps... and by the way, Ichigo's is a proper name, so don't pick on that please...

Someone is causing trouble! What can I do?

Click the "Report" button in the header of the post. This will notify the moderation team that the post needs to be looked at.

Can I advertise my site or product here?

Only if it is VERY relevant. If you feel it may be relevant, contact an administrator or moderator otherwise your post may be deleted.

Can I post a link to my site or forum?

You may post your site or forum link in your profile. You may post your site in your signature, but not your forum. Do not blatantly advertise your site when posting. If a topic is relivant, you may point people to it. Don't make posts for the sole purpose of driving traffic to your site.

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