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Are there any restrictions on my signature

A: Yes, there are a few. These rules are designed so that members with smaller screens and dialup modems can still enjoy the forums. Your cooperation is appreciated!
  • Signature images must not exceed 500 pixels in width, 120 pixels in height, and 50kB file size.
  • If you have an image, please include no more than 2 lines of text. If your signature is only text, please limit it to 6 lines.
  • No links to forums. We are trying to run a forum here ourselves, and we don't want people to lure our members to go post elsewhere. Having a link to your site in your signature or in your profile is fine.
  • Please keep your signature image on a fast and reliable host. If your signature image is broken or slow, a moderator will remove it. PhotoBucket is a good place to host images.
If your signature is violating these rules, your signature may be edited (either by an automated script or a member of the staff). Don't take it personally, just fix the problem and put it back up!

Can I have multiple accounts?

No. If you feel you have a need for another account, please contact an administrator.

I don't like Pink! Can I change the colors?

Yes! Click on Profile at the top of the page to access your Control Panel (CP). On the left side, click on Skin and Languages, and choose a the skin Ichigo's Blue.

What is my warning level, and what happens if I break the rules?

A: If you break one of these rules, you may be warned. A warning level is a way for the staff to keep track of rule infractions. Unless you are suspended or banned, the warning level does not affect your ability to use the forums. Usually when your warning level increases, you will get a PM or email explaining why. Please re-read these rules so you know what you did wrong.

Only the staff can see or adjust your warning level, not other users. Your warning level will be decreased only at the discression of the staff, so do not ask to have your warning level decreased.

If you continue to break the rules or break a major rule, you may be suspended for a period of time, or in serious cases, banned.

Why are postcounts not showing up?

Forum post counts are a silly thing and we do not display them anywhere on the forums.

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