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    Default One-winged angel transposed Choir sheet music

    Does anyone know/have the sheet music for the final fantasy Vll lyrics transposed onto sheet music? My and a group of friends want to have ppl from our band class and a few singers perform One-Winged angel for our variety show

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    I don't have a working copy of full Finale on this computer or I'd put a little more effort into this... Anyway, you can find a .midi of One Winged Angel here:
    I believe there is a thread for converting .midi files into sheet music on this forum (in fact, I know there is). Of course, game .midi's and the fancy arrangement are a little different, but there is a starting place if you are still looking.

    The lyrics can be found here:

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    ummm yes i really nedd this... and i dont know what to do with the midi thing cuase none fot he midids have voices on them to transpose... i would literally hop on someone and make love to them if they do this... thanxz

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