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    Has anyone heard this entire oratorio?! It's marvelous! It's a wonder that something so great and polyphonic came out of the early Baroque period! I saw a performance of it on TV a few nights ago and was blown away by the creativity of it.

    (Although I'm sure most of you don't care, I still think that "classical" music deserves a spot here on this forum, too! )

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    Nope, haven't heard of it. I know the composer's name though, and I think at one point I had to study one of his pieces, but . . . it's lost from my memory, haha.

    Vesper, the church thing right? My chemistry teacher made a joke about VSEPR and vesper, but only I got it, hehe . . . but yeah, what's the proper definition of vesper? Too lazy to look it up

    I'm sure we have one or two classical threads around here *shrugs*

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    1 A bell that summons worshipers to vespers.
    2 The evening star, especially Venus.
    3 Archaic. Evening.

    ves·pers also Ves·pers

    pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)

    1 The sixth of the seven canonical hours.
    2 A worship service held in the late afternoon or evening in many Western Christian churches.
    3 The time of day appointed for this service.

    4 Evensong.
    5 Roman Catholic Church. A service held on Sundays or holy days that includes the office of vespers.

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