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    Talking Tenten's theme piano sheet music

    Does anyone know where i can find sheet music (or the downloadable song >>) for Tenten's theme? I want the slow verson played with the piano and the flute(or whatever it is!). If you know, PLEASE tell me or give me link or something. Arigatou!

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    The faster version is on Josh's
    The midi can be found here:
    It's at the bottom and is called Gaara(ep77)
    ѕσмєтιмєѕ ιтíѕ ѕσ Ęяαzу
    тнαт ησтнιηg Ęαη ѕανє мє
    вυт ιтíѕ тнє σηℓу тнιηg тнαт ι нανє

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    Note that Jill-kun isn't me, and inversely

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    The slow version of Tenten's them is called 'Gaara's Childhood'. It's played with a music box or something like that? I've been looking for the sheets too, so thanks for making this thread!!

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