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    Default a great music request for flute sheet music

    Boondocks (cartoon series) ending theme

    please help. i've tried myself to figure out the notes for a long time, it is a short peice and i could really use your help. I am obsessed with the cartoon network boondock ending theme. i've played flute for 7 years now, and i really just want this sheet music.

    Can someone please make the sheet music for flute. it is a short song and i would be sooo greatful.

    here is the music if you don't know the song.


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    wow that was real helpful.
    exactly what rule did i break?
    boondocks it technically anime
    it not on any forum
    i tried myself

    what did i do

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    Remember, the rules of the entire forum still apply. Don't post copyrighted material such as MP3s. If someone is willing to transcribe a sheet for you, contact them outside the forums to let them borrow the MP3. For details see this thread .
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    i dont know if that beat thats up there is copywrite or not, because i got that from a very legit site that let me download it.

    this isn't the son in the beginning by asheru. i know that is from the artist and copywrite, but i think the ending is okay.
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    Boondocks is not the kind of anime we're talking about :|

    The song is almost certainly copyrighted and I doubt the site you got it from was legit. but that's besides the point...Boondocks is not the type of anime we're talking about!

    [Is it?]
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    hey man anime is anime. I've seen people ask for nightmare before Christmas on this site. it is labeled as anime

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    It shouldn't be right, Boondocks does not count as an anime.
    Even if it does.....anyone interested in transcribing it?........

    Oh and regardless, unless you MADE the MP3 and your the artist, posting an MP3 here that isn't owned by yourself breach international copyright laws this site tries to prevent.
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    Wow, that song is pretty odd... It's like a mix of 4 different genres...

    And I always thought Boondocks is reference to Boondock Saints, a movie, but from a google search I got this. Supposedly it's at least an animated series, not sure if it count as anime.

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    the genre is anime and sorry if it copywrite, but is there still any possibility of transcribing it for me?

    i'd be so greatful

    i'd also like to state that it was originally a midi
    so i mean it isn't the real song

    and the midi i got it from isn't/shouldn't be copywrite
    so i think it is safe

    actually the more i think of it and played it again idk if this is midi.

    i'll try to find midi
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    k sry for double post, but i edited the last one like 3 times so...
    i can't find a midi but on youtube this guy looks and sound like he knows whats up,
    so here it is on piano slowly so it's that much easier for you to help me

    PLZ just transcribe from piano to flute

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    theme is superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb....

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