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Thread: Filled Requests

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    'Ruriko' Leaf Piano Collection is a broken link...

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    Hey, SD, how come the "Fighting" link is broken? The one for Advent Children? (Oh yeah, and for the record, the Japanese title of the song is "Tatakau Monotachi" which to the best of my knowledge stands for "Those who fight")

    I've been looking all over the internet for a SPECIFIC copy of the song.. I just want an accurately transcribed copy, and all I can find is simplified, boring versions that are either off-key, or are poorly transcribed. If you have a working link or know where the one for "Fighting" got moved to, feel free to let me know when you've fixed it, or let the rest of the community know where to find it.

    Thanks a lot bro.

    ~~Teh Piano Sensei :3

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    hi, do you have you and i, unfulfilled feelings from gundam seed destiny?

    thank you

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    can you do minami-ke 3rd season OP?
    its called keikenchi soku joujou↑↑
    here is a link

    i really want to play on my piano
    so PLEASE HELP ME(m・ω・`)m

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    Could anyone do Georgia on My Mind but Hugh Lauries version of House M.D.
    "Espera tu hora, y manten la Esperanza" -Gankutsuou-

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    when i check the ragnarok online sheet musics link, i can only find streamside sheet music how come? i wanted the prontera theme sheet music please check

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