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Thread: kurau phantom?

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    I really like the kurau phantom memory ending song and i was wondering if anyone know where the sheet music is. The name is call "moonlight". Ya should listen to it too, u guys really might like it too.

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    I made midi from ep1, the very last bit where you hear the piano ver

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    ill like to hear it so can u post it? well, if anyone else has info on this song, post it down plz.

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    I know this song! it's very nice!IF someone knows where i could get the sheet music of this "Moonlight", answer me!!!!!!!!!&#3 3;!

    KeiTA (<===French)

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    indeed, &#39;tis very nice song

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    you can use Melody Assistant to create the sheet music from the midi. Try it It works for me&#33;

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