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    I noticed that most, okay mainly all peices on the site are in piano. I really liked ff11's sarutabaruta, becuase it had Flute and Clarinet included, which i can translate for most intraments. But i need a beutiful peice that the crowd at our school (mostly parents, maybe we colud play this at the football game or peprally) will enjoy and is for precusion, saxiphone, Bflat trumpet (first and/or second), Bflat clarinet(1st and/or second), Bass clarinet and C Flute, and maybe bass drum and bells. I'm sorry i'm asking a whole lot but i would really love to play something other than "We Will Rock You" and "Another One Bites The Dust."

    Thanx a bunch


    ps. this is our third year of band.

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    you do know the only recommendations we can give you is anime or game related

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    You could likely transcribe Cruel Angel's Thesis for that range of instruments, or Key of the Twilight or Obsession from .hack - check out the MIDIs and see what you think. If you find one that you like, ask the creator for permission and I can arrange it for you

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    This site has FF band music arrangments.
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    yeah i reailzed that

    those songs are prety

    and thanx for the site ^^

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    Hello... i was wondering if anybody has the sheet music for flute and clarinet to the opening theme of .hack//sign... if anybody does have it... i would gladly have it..


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