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    Unhappy Lacrimosa(Dark Butler(Kuroshitsuji) ED 2)

    Could anybody transcribe piano sheets for 'Lacrimosa' which was composed by Yuki Kajiura & sung by Kalafina..?
    I know the melody by heart, but I just couldn't seem to do the left hand with only my ears.
    It's very hard to find, and I don't have enough money to buy 'Easy Piano Solo Book' which, I heard, had 'Lacrimosa' in it.
    So, onegaishimasu!

    -Animation: Dark Butler(Kuroshitsuji)
    -Song Title: Lacrimosa
    -Wanted Sheet Type: piano sheet
    -Artist: Composing, Arranging & Lyrics-Yuki Kajiura/Sung by-Kalafina
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    Yus! Though I'm not sure if it will sound good on piano >.>

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    Easy piano solo book?
    How much is it? I might consider buying it. ;D

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    I would be infinitely thankful if you would transcribe it~~~
    Actually, there are many 'Easy Piano Solo Book's by the same publisher.
    The 'Easy Piano Solo Book' for Yuki Kajiura(I was talking about this one) costs 1890 Yen.

    Here's the song list:


    Title-Song Appearance/Original Vocalist
    Anna ni Issho Datta no ni-Gundam SEED / See-Saw
    Akatsuki no Kuruma-Gundam SEED / FictionJunction YUUKA
    Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru-Gundam SEED DESTINY / See-Saw
    Honoh no Tobira-Gundam SEED DESTINY / FictionJunction YUUKA
    Kizuato-Kara no Kyoukai 3 / Kalafina
    oblivious-Kara no Kyoukai 1 / Kalafina
    Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaete Iku-Kara no Kyoukai 2 / Kalafina
    ARIA-Kara no Kyoukai 4 / Kalafina
    sprinter-Kara no Kyoukai 5 / Kalafina
    fairytale-Kara no Kyoukai 6 / Kalafina
    Seventh Heaven-Kara no Kyoukai 7 / Kalafina
    Omoide no E-Achilles to Kame
    Lacrimosa-Kuroshitsuji / Kalafina
    Yasashii Yoake-.hack//SIGN / See-saw
    key of the twilight-.hack//SIGN / Emily Bindiger
    Silly-Go-Round-.hack//ROOTS / FictionJunction YUUKA
    Itís only the fairy tale-Mai-HiME / Yuuko Miyamura
    Yume no Tsubasa-Tsubasa Chronicle / Yui Makino
    a song of storm and fire-Tsubasa Chronicle / Eri Itoh
    canta per me-Noir / Yuriko Kaida
    Salva nos-Noir / Yuriko Kaida
    Hanamori no Oka-Hokuto no Ken: Toki Den / FictionJunction KAORI
    everlasting song-Elemental Gelade / FictionJunction ASUKA
    (song list from: Yuki Kajiura Fansite

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    1890 yen. Gahhhh.
    But I don't think I'll be needing it. I figured out the right hand's notes and a little of the left hand part. ;D
    (Damn. The left hand is hard to figure out.)

    (Edit) : Okay, I give up at the chorus part. (for the left hand)
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    *headdesk* that's the exact same predicament for me...i can't work out the notes for the left hand
    oooh~ misako~ could you show us what you already have? then maybe all of us can work together and expand or continue it!
    someone with truly awesome transcribing skills JUST TRANSCRIBE IT FOR US!?

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    oh... i don't recommened the solo book.. i got it and its just.... WEIRD...... O_o....

    anyway, i found the sheet music, its transcriped by someone else

    hope it helps =)
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    Maou's Kalafina trasciptions are THE BEST! Lacrimosa sounds AWESOME on piano I recommend checking out Natsu no Ringo by Kalafina too. It's one of my favourite songs to play right now.


    Maou's on youtube too (look for 63maou1)

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    Is someone got the violn sheet ?

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    Thank you!

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    thank you for that.

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