So, as I'm sure you noticed, 4.0 has changed a lot, including three new themes: Red, Blue and Green. However, we need your help to design a new banner for the themes. As stated in the previous thread, the winner will receive a FANTASTIC PRIZE! (see below)

Here's the requirements:

  • Must look good with all three themes (red, blue, green). It can either be separate images for each theme or a color-neutral theme that can be used with all three. The dimensions should be 300-500 pixels wide, but MUST be 80 pixels high.
  • Images are fine, but make sure they aren't pixely or whatever. Copyrighted images are OK since it will be classified as fair use, but if you use an image that you didn't create you must specify where you got it from so we can credit the owner.
  • Must have Ichigo's Forums as text somewhere (duh!)
  • If you win, you will need to turn over the source file with layers complete (preferably .PSD), including and fonts used to Gand. You will receive credit on the bottom of every forum page with either your name or your screen name (up to you).
  • In the off-chance there are two winners, the prize will be split

Please post the jpg of your design to this thread, up until December 10th, 2010. After that we will announce the winner.

Prize: A $25 or so iTunes or Amazon gift card from Gand which will be emailed to the winner.

Judging: The admins and moderators will judge. (Gand's decision is final decision since he's forking out the $ for the prize!)

Good luck! If there are any questions, please post them here.