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    Default Kobato - Ashita Kuru Hi (Violin Version)

    well, hi everyone! ive seen alot of piano versions around here but is there any other instrument that can play this piece? i would really love it in a violin version!!! DD

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    The vocal part of the piano+voice score on should be playable with the violin. You can even get someone to play the piano accompaniment for you. (or play the top line of the piano when the voice part is taking a break. be slightly creative.)

    In general if you find a piano solo score and it has a clear melody line at the top, you can just play the top line with the violin. If you find a voice+piano score, then it is even easier to decide what to play.

    By the way, I would be interested to know what piano versions you have found, since the only ones I have seen are my transcriptions.
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    thank you very much!!! D

    well about the piano, ive been searching alot and there are some of different types from josh's music sheet, youtube ppls, and many other sites, ive forgotten where was it but by typing in the search you can find variations...well, thats wat i hav found out so far

    again, thank you very much!!

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    hmmm, i still dont get it... the top line(melody) sometimes have 2 notes to which im used to do one note streak in violin...o.o

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    If in doubt try either the top or bottom note of the upper staff.

    Experiment and see what it sounds like, then decide which notes to play.

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