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    Lightbulb Persona 3/FES request!

    I noticed that there's Persona 4 and Trinity Soul, but I love 3 more than anything right now (only because I just finished the entire game. Oh my, I must be getting too obsessed )

    I prefer my most listened to songs to have sheets :

    Brand New Days -the Beginning-
    Heartful Cry
    Memories of the School
    Memories of You

    I'd like to get most/all of the music sheets something for piano and/or flute

    Thanks for viewing! <3

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    I just found this video for memories of you. Although I didn't find the music sheet,but this video may be a nice inspiration.

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    3/31 I could not find but someone did try to make a instrumental of it found here : If you need the mp3 you can probably ask or you can use

    For Brand New Days - the Beginning- it can be found here : with the sheet music and midi in the description

    I have the Midi for Heartful Cry If you want it but if you want a piano arrangement here it is you can get the mp3 by using

    Memories of the School is found here : he does have sheet music which I downloaded but it comes with a whole bunch of others also it comes with Memories of the city and some other Persona music, to download go here its the same website shown on his channel.

    Also I have Persona 4 sheet music if your looking for it.. anyways good luck.

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    I know there's a website that has persona 3 piano sheets.
    Ninjapumped has a LOT of Persona 3 sheet music on his youtube channel, including Heartful Cry, Memories of the School and Memories of You.
    I'm not sure about the other two.

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