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    Default Anyone wants piano solo transcriptions?



    I specialize in transcribing of anything (except jazz and atonal pieces) into Piano Solo. I can also transcribe band/orchestral pieces, or auxillary/soloist instruments (Flute + Piano, String Quartet, etc).
    Do drop your request on my post its welcomed.

    A few things though. I believe some are in the rules but i think its best i put them up here as well:

    1. Look up the sheet music first. Unless you feel you want a better version of the song/piece you are looking for, otherwise you should use the existing sheet musics.

    2. Do provide a link/MP3 or any form of media for me to listen to. I can't be transcribing a piece without the music...

    3. Provide your requested instrumentation (e.g. I want it for piano solo/piano and flute/wind band/orchestra/etc)

    4. Do understand that if the piece is atonal/jazz I will consider transcribing them based on their difficulty (I'm not trained in pop/jazz music, and they do not have a definite structure for me to listen onto).

    5. Upon completion I will post up the sheet music here. Selected ones will be uploaded by me onto youtube for viewing.

    6. Recording your playing of the transcription is surely welcomed, but do link to my blog at

    7. Please avoid requesting other people's arrangements, especially if they are copyrighted (As in the person has the sheet music monetised) or just plain simple (One note right and left gets quite boring when the arrangement uses too many simple devices)

    8. Do understand that the difficulty of the pieces I transcribed tend to be harder to learn. If you want a simple or "not so tough" piece do tell me (I like playing crazy pieces, if anyone have any suggestions for crazy pieces feel free to post it here but I won't record it though, my house is too noisy for recording)

    9. Please seek appropriate copyrights if necessary (I don't want my transcriptions to be taken down for copyright, sometimes they are not even transcriptions but arrangements and its taken down)

    Hope this straightened things out.


    13/3/2012 - EDIT -
    I will still accept request now but completion of the transcriptions would very likely be delayed as this year is my GCE 'A' levels (T_T). Hope everyone understand. I will update everyone once my exams are over and continue transcribing (Transcribing maniac?)

    30/5/12 - EDIT -
    I will no longer accept requests till the completion of my studies which is the end of this year (December). This thread will be closed as of 6:38PM 30th May 2012 (GMT +8:00), so please do not post request here anymore, even if its after December 2012.
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