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    Talking Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love 1000% Sheet music requests

    I'm not very busy in my piano class so I tried to look for some new sheet music (specifically from UtaPri) but I couldn't find certain ones.

    If anyone can do sheet music for "Nanairo no Compass {My Sweetest Love}" By Miyano Mamoru (who plays Tokiya Ichinose) and/or "Knocking on my Mind" by Kenichi Suzumura (who plays Masato Hijirikawa) I would really appreciate it. I wouldn't mind one or the other because I love them both, but if you manage to get both, then I will love you forever <3.

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    Bump bump for this thread! >< i want them too.. TT^TT

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    I want Maigo no Kokoro piano sheet music plzzz :3

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    heya, if anyone could perhaps supply the sheet music for maji love 1000% (as in the ending song) that would be amazing preferably the music for the vocals. thanks!

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    I can write for you any sheet music
    Request to

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    Default Take a look there, there are a lot of midis there!

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