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    Exclamation PIANO, VIOLIN, CELLO: KRONĖ FROM GUILTY CROWN REQUEST please check it out!

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could transcribe "Kronė" from the Guilty Crown OST for me.
    I want to play this piece for music class you see. It's the prettiest OST (I have) EVER (heard).

    Before you leave, please listen to the video:
    Beautiful right?

    It would be very great if someone could transcribe Krone!
    Me, my friend and a classmate are going to play it, I play the piano part, my friend does the violin part, the classmate does the cello part.
    It has to be done as soon as possible, but you don't need to rush, really, but please respond!!

    I don't care if you do not transcribe 100% accurate.
    Also I love super difficult pieces(Animenz-like pieces)so if you could make the piano part supercool and difficult, thanks a lot!
    Please make it as amazing as possible, please do whatever you want with non-piano/violin parts, and please do what you guys rock at: use your fantasy
    Thank you so much for reading! Please consider it! Thanks!
    And if there are any problems please just tell me. Arigatou go-za-i-ma-su!
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    Default I want the sheet too!!

    I want the piano sheet too!!

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