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    Default Hi all! any harpist?

    Hi, I`m new here,

    my name is Daniele, I`m italian but living in UK, and I joined this website to share my love for anime and videogames music.
    I am currently a beginner harpist and I was curious to know if there is anyone else who is playing the harp here.
    Unfortunately I can`t play many songs with my current harp (which has only 26 strings) but I`m looking forward to get a pedal harp soon and be able to play some anime/vg piano piece

    I`m sure I`ll learn a lot from you guys, I`ve seen some videos and most of you are really awesome

    I`ll share with you my first videogame piece with my harp

    Thank you !


    p.s. if someone is from Cambridge I`ll be more than welcome to play something together

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    Hi! I am officially not a harpist yet but will begin to study the Paraguayan harp. If you are not familiar with it, it has 36 strings and in my opinion is the best one . Only problem is not like a classical harp, not having pedals and levers. There are some now though that have levers in order to have sharps and flats. Best of luck!

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    I'm in love with the harp. Unfortunately, I do not play one ( Maybe one day I'll try it out when I get the chance.
    P.S Wonderful video!

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    Dude harp playing is soo awesome! Tons play guitar and piano but Harp is different I think. I think it'd be fun to learn though it'd be better to have a pedal harp with umm how many strings? Like as many as a piano? Does it have 88 strings? Or like 76 or something. I think if a harp has a good powerful bass end you could make epic rock covers. If you can read harp sheets I can transcribe you some ^^
    Yes, I'm very expieriemental when it comes to music.

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    Yeah with pedal harps you can play more things but they are often used in orchestras for classical music.
    I tried one but I prefer the celtic harp, anyway the pedal one goes from 40 (usually for students) to 47(orchestra) strings; you don`t need 88 string because with the pedals you can change the sharp and the flat for each note.
    I bought a new celtic harp with 36 strings and I`m practicing hard to get used to it and learn new pieces, of course mostly from videogames&anime!

    It`s not really good (I`m still a beginner) but you can see and hear my new harp here, I`m playing "An End Once and For All " from the game Mass Effect 3

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    Hi again,

    this time I made a song from the anime Full Metal Alchemist : Solitude

    and one from the game Portal 2:

    I hope you appreciate this!

    Thank you


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