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    Default Vocaloid Arrangements/er

    I just thought that I'd bring this up since there are different ways of arranging them, under Vocaloid sheet music, we should attribute the version to the proper arranger (even though it might say so on the actual file).

    Take Just Be Friends for example.

    The current JBF on ichigos is arranged by koma'n

    He has tons of beautifully arranged piano versions of Vocaloid songs

    Then you also have marasay's fancier ver.

    Marasy's other amazing works The version of From Y to Y on here is done by marasy.

    And then of course you have others I don't know about.
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    For nicovideo videos, please use the nicovideo tags. Not everyone here has an account for the site and I'm pretty sure they want to see your stuff

    For reference:

    The above videos (in order of appearance):

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    Default Thanks

    Ah, there it is. Needed that link. ty.

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