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    Smile Can someone transcribe or find the sheet music for this song?

    Well, the song that I would really like to learn is from Mother 3 (Or Earthbound 2)
    The song is Mother 3 - Monkey's Delivery Service. I just love it, it has such sad tune yet such a cheery vibe.
    I've been searching for about a day on the internet for sheet music for the piano, but I couldn't find it. Anywhere.
    So if anyone would be kind enough to help me find it or atleast transcribe it for piano, I'd be very thankful.
    Here's the link to the song

    Thanks in advanced

    ~ Covertions

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    Did you listen to the original song? Lol that has to much of a ragtime feel to it, but wow how did you find it?!? O_O

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