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    Default [STRING ORCHESTRA REQUEST] Krone from Guilty Crown

    Hello, I've been searching for a rendition of this piece and the only arrangements of thisthat I can find are in piano. I'm interested in playing this piece with my string orchestra group.
    Please arrange parts for violin (1 & 2 if possible), viola, cello and bass. If it is necessary, we have skilled piano and drum players as well. I dom't mind, as long as it's fairly accurate. It's not necessary to make this arrangement to easy. In fact, we'd prefer it if it had some difficulty.

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    I actually have a version of this it was taken down by Sony BMG (T_T) so i figure I link you to my thread for this sheet. I will be writing my most updated rendition for piano solo if I have the time. I will not be accepting requests though for now. The thread will explain everything.
    Look for Hinamuffin's request he/she requested the same sheet for this.

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    Wow. This is amazing. You're amazing.
    Thank you.

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