He has always been the pillar this community. Without him, this forum would not exist. He's sacrificed alot to sustain this fantastic community, which none of us know just how much he's had to give up for the selfless desire to make this forum a great place for everybody.

I appreciate everything you've done, and I hope you'll continue to support Ichigo's.

Your decision to ban me is the correct one. I trust your eternal grudge against me.

You've always been somebody who lives in the present, and as long as you keep doing that, this forum will be blessed to have you, as everybody who you know in your real life.

Remember the gift we gave you when Project-EVA shut down? That's how much you mean to us. Whether you're still connected with the people who signed that card for you or not, our trust in you is forever.

This will be my last post here. It's been fun all these years.