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    Default A Final Tribute: Neko has always selflessly given greatly to Ichigo's ^_^

    He has always been the pillar this community. Without him, this forum would not exist. He's sacrificed alot to sustain this fantastic community, which none of us know just how much he's had to give up for the selfless desire to make this forum a great place for everybody.

    I appreciate everything you've done, and I hope you'll continue to support Ichigo's.

    Your decision to ban me is the correct one. I trust your eternal grudge against me.

    You've always been somebody who lives in the present, and as long as you keep doing that, this forum will be blessed to have you, as everybody who you know in your real life.

    Remember the gift we gave you when Project-EVA shut down? That's how much you mean to us. Whether you're still connected with the people who signed that card for you or not, our trust in you is forever.

    This will be my last post here. It's been fun all these years.

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    I lol'd a bit.
    You should come back someday though, Zero.
    Goodbye until then!

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    Bye Zero!

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    See ya! I'm sure you'll be back soon under another alias.

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    What did I miss? =|

    ハハ"子ロ- タン!

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    I still think it's ironic that after a year of trolling around, being unpleasant to everyone and mostly, constantly complaining he does not want to be here, he's harder to get rid of than a cockroach.

    Zero, piss off. You used to be such a cool guy but you're truly a pathetic little man now.

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    Heh. I guess I was right. Here's my final tribute to Zero.

    Spoiler for Select picks of the PM discussion had between Zero and M:

    Spoiler for On the state of the forums / M's Retirement from Ichigos Staff:

    Spoiler for Post 1:


    Nice evangelism, sir; but I fail to see how we're alike, as you should well know that no two persons can ever be similar. Considering the amount of success I've had in the real world, I'd have to say that I've generally a good head about my shoulders that doesn't require any conscious effort to address my social dilemma. Heck, I don't have a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma and not understand the concept of politics and process and how it interfaces with the end users. But let's pull away from the "Egoism" that you've claimed me to have and look at the arguments you have provided from an objective standpoint.

    I liked the series of fake tautologies in your logic. The first and foremost being the redirection being left open to the people of the General Chat, which is the very forum that we're trying to condition. If they were not the enemy, then why did they not realign themselves without intervention? Because they don't know how to. That's why we're supposed to take the reigns and guide them to the best path. But you kept throwing the idea back at them hoping that something would be learned. You won't learn this in any book but people don't know what's best for them or for others. Why won't you learn this? Because it's essentially totalitarianism, which everyone in the world disagrees with, but ultimately has come to terms with as there is no form of leadership without some level of dictatorship. The second being your absolutely absurd claims of being for the completion of the community as a benefactor, when in fact you've been stating that you will be leaving the forums in a better place. If you feel as though you've outgrown the forums, then why is it that you want to drive the change? Isn't it slightly odd that you want to direct the community to the new day when you yourself are not part of it? How are you ever going to achieve the ideal? See the first tautology to close this fallacy.

    I can't help but find that you yourself are suffering from a massive egoism that you foresee yourself as the most correct and benevolent person in this argument, while I have yet to see anything other than sourceless claims to failure and misunderstanding.

    How do I know this? I actually reviewed the State of the Forums thread eight times before I did anything. How can I make this claim? Because I read threw every post and found that the only outstanding statement was the announcement, which could have been easily postponed if not for the fact that you used the word "suggestion", which gives the enforcement of any such state is acceptable.

    Yet you address the fact in the clear as if it were not a decision of your own, or of the standing which was a collective decision. Instead, you've been trying to play the role of the sole correct person here when the redirection of blame falls upon everyone but yourself, while masking this counter argument with creative alignments of words. From what I've seen, you think that you are the only person which has the correct understanding of what the process for determining the future of Ichigos is. How do I know this? I reviewed the State of the Forum thread eight times after you posted your dissatisfaction of the enactment, in hopes of finding my own logic as flawed, but to no avail.

    And this point is only furthered by you contacting me by PM after I pulled myself away completely from the project. You are determined to prove that your opinion is right, even after I decided to pull away in hopes of seeing whatever future you've dreamed would become. And now we've both seen what the intent of your actions are driving and purposed for. It's simply astonishing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    It's the tone, the tone you've set in the announcement shifted the energy from one of "We're all in this together guys" to "Salutations, these are the changes we've made. Thank you for your patience and understanding."
    That's why I was so opposed to the announcement idea - the people have completely turned 180 degrees.

    There's more but, I realize that you're not yet at the point to let go of yourself, so I won't say anything more.

    But let me give you one warning: Even if it's only on your deathbed when you finally let go of yourself, you'll eventually have to. And the sooner you realize this, the less you'll have to suffer. Otherwise, you'll run into the same wall again and again and again...

    How do I know this? Because I was once like you. And it hurts to live like that, doesn't it?

    Spoiler for Post 2:
    I believe you put it best when you said by pointing it out and repeating it as many times necessary until the message comes across. Funny, as that is the one thing we do agree upon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    And a narcissist can find his own flaws how?

    Spoiler for On Trolls and M:
    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    Wow, so you've become a genuine troll huh? Did ragequitting the staff hurt that much to your ego? You've fallen, dude. Maybe you should stop posting here. It doesn't seem to be doing you any good to keep posting here besides watching your mental-emotional state degenerate. I'm being serious. I'm genuinely concerned about your health.

    Read my last reply in the thread. Yet again, you missed the point of a conversation and fell into pointless arguments.

    Spoiler for On The Ichigos Experement:
    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    Hey Ichigoians, here's an experiment I just thought up.

    It's easy for anyone to talk shit about people behind their backs, with your friends, or in your head. But rarely do people get the chance to do it directly to the person who disgusts you or pisses you off - and have them willingly receive everything you have to say.

    So, as a fun experiment, I want you to blast at me anything you ever wanted to say about me. I've hand-selected the members who I thought would be best for this. Some of you may be actively practicing loving kindness and trying to avoid anger or resentment, so just think of this as a fun experiment.

    If you think this is full of shit and a total waste of your time, pretend this never existed. If you feel that this message itself is totally disgusting, that's okay too.

    With that said, go ahead, feel every lump and speck of disgust you might have for me, and let it all out. Doesn't matter whether they're accurate perceptions or your own projections, give it all to me. If you don't have particular anger towards me, then think of all the people who you are angry at, and blast it all at me. The more primal, the more attacking and vindictive, the better. I'll receive everything you have to say without complaining or retaliating. The only rule is: you can only criticize me.


    Spoiler for On Zero's First Leave Attempt:
    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    Life is too grand to waste on things that don't serve our deepest purpose.

    I'm sure you guys can feel how miniscule the project has become. And although we all did our best for the sake of the team in our own ways, a team's strength is decided by its harmony, not by any individual talent. But sometimes, you just have to let go and move on. That's one of the things you learn in life as you let go of your need to be right for something far greater.

    Here's my parting gift. Forget everything about the project and let go for a few moments.

    I hope each and every one of us were able to take away a valuable lesson from the experience we shared here.

    Over and out.

    Now this is the reason why I left the staff; I don't feel bad for completely mutilating your troll-like behaviors and unraveling your clever plots

    All I have to say is that this is even better than wolfgoddess.
    Last edited by M; May 16th, 2012 at 02:45 am. Reason: What do you bet he'll come back now that I actually made a troll post that targets him?

    "No longer will you be looking from outside; you will be living it.
    "Today you will become a part of the Fantasia."

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    Btw, it wasn't even my idea to ban Zero. Someone else came with the idea, we had a discussion about it in the staff forums, and I'm merely carrying out what was decided by the team. So too bad Zero, it has nothing to do with my personal grudge against you. I tolerated you for a long time around here until it was decided by the moderator team that you had outstayed your welcome. Just for your info.

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