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    Default The Legend of Zelda Medley

    I mentioned long ago that I was doing a LoZ medley. It's been 5 years since I started it, but it's finally finished. Check it out!

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    Zelda has such great music
    A bit too much horns in the beginning I think...
    or maybe it's just that I don't really like the brass sample's you used :O
    Also the solo violin sample sounded a bit like MIDI
    I like the cello solo sound though
    Nevertheless great arrangement

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    You're right about the solo violin (and solo cello for that matter). The 3 key elements that's missing are swells, dynamic timbre, and portementos hence why it sounds unnatural and midi-esque. If I can find someone who can play that part that would be awesome!

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    I'm not too familiar with Zelda's themes outside of the main ones, but that seemed really polished. Well done.
    The variety in orchestral texture you introduced later on was much welcomed.

    Congratulations on completing such a grand project!

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    wow.. thats really impressive.

    can i ask what sounds you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by link0099 View Post
    wow.. thats really impressive.

    can i ask what sounds you use?
    Most of them were from my digital piano, yamaha clavinova. A few others were from Garritan and Miroslav.

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    Massive! It's a great arrangement. Congratulations for the completion of such a big project. I like how you arrange various of the pieces inserted in the medley. I would have wished to hear a longer introduction before the big theme started, and a bit longer climatic outro.

    I liked it in Youtube. I hope you get more exposed by my like, lol. I listened also to your other arrangement of Oracle of Seasons and Ages. Very pleasant.
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    Wow, this is really great! One of the best Zelda arrangements I have seen so far.

    Maybe the accompaniment is sometimes too loud especially in the beginning and it takes too long time to introduce the second orchestral texture for my taste, but the rest is just beautiful .
    If you want to see all of my transcriptions and arrangements, go to my Youtube Channel Marioverehrer2's Youtube- Channel or my transcription thread: Marioverehrer's Transcriptions

    If you look for my compositions check out my Youtube- Channel: Marioverehrer1's Youtube- Channel or my compositions Thread: Marioverehrer's Compositions

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    I thought it was awesome
    I think there was a good blend of the different instruments.

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    Thanks for your appreciation guys. Since Nyu brought up my other 2-song medley, I might as well post it here as well.

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