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    Default oh yeah, i come here just for one music sheet.

    so... i watched a movie yesterday, Whishper of the Heart, loved it, so much i watched it 3 times in the same day. and i cried more than just 3 times.

    but there was a scene, the scene of when shizuku and seiji start playing shizuku's version of " Take Me Home Country Roads. " i cant hold myself with that, i get teary at the start, and with the exactly first beat from the tambourin they come down like a waterfall, and i find myself smiling and laughing and crying so much. its like a real party of feelings all at the same time and. i cant hold.

    so, since im starting with the violin, and im trying to test my own skills, i went after this music sheet. you guys were the only ones who had it and i thank you. i dont know if i'll be here engaging in conversations and being a productive member, but at least, i want to say my thanks.

    Thank you very much.

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    Aw, nice post. You're welcome!
    Even though I didn't make the sheets, hahah.

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