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Thread: Naruto

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    nah i think they'll just end it.
    they had to do the time skip
    to include the other stuff like
    sage mode,kybiu, better fights, and more develop story line
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    Default naruto epsodie

    I am a naruto fan !!
    I have watched this anime five years!!
    but I really don't know when is the end.
    could you tell me the end?

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    hmm...I'd agree to who ever that says that the manga is much better than the anime...
    They stretch it out too much... like 30 episodes to just finish an arc....

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    My Fave Naruto Character is Orochimaru

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    finally the sanbi filler are finished and now....its going to be interesting (latest episode is 115)

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    The Sanbi filler finished? Good. I'm on like...113...trying to catch up... But I'm trying to catch up on Shugo Chara, Bleach, Nagasarete Airantou, and a thousand other things too soo...

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    I didn't ever really like Sasuke....and I'm GLAD I never did right now!

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    Naruto is Awesome can't wait till the war get started
    We need Guilty Crown Season 2!
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    Yes, naruto is a good anime. I thought at first it was just some of those boring anime ive watched but i was wrong. It was well created and ive even cry seeing naruto being bully by those people in konoha. I really enjoyed watching it over and over while im playing free online poker
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