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    Default Final Fantasy Tactics - Antipyretic

    Umm... yes. I have not been able to find any sheet music for the songs in the game Final Fantasy Tactics. There is a sheet music book but unfortunately it is out of print. I cannot find any scans from the book.

    So please help me!

    Antipyretic is the song I would most appreciate. The song is from Disc 2 of the soundtrack. It's the 3rd song and the MIDI can be found on this page:

    Thanks for any help!!
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    If anyone has a midi->mus converter, that would be the easiest transcription ever

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    Not the same place you gave, but the arrangements section of the site. It has your wanted song as a piano duet. Now, if you need it transposed or something, say, I shall try to assist you. Otherwise, just intermix the parts and play what you wanna...
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