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    Default Any School Rumble sheet music floating around on the web?

    Trying to look for them. And I gave up. I couldn't find anything. So I'm requesting to anyone who can help me out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by The Forum Rules
    Please request specific sheets (not I want all Anime X sheets) and don't request more than 2-3 sheets at a time. Like the previous rule states, this isn't a factory.
    Yeah. But you might want to try at josh's anime music collection. I have two sheets there and josh has a few himself. Enjoy!
    ~My sheets are on [url=[/url] under "Tien".
    ~A list of my works is on the Transcriber's Status thread, first post of the page (page 5).

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    To easier your research:
    SODA Sheets
    You'll find Josh and Tien sheet music for Music Rumble
    Music can fill one life, but one life is not enough for Music
    Search-based Open Directory of Asian Sheet music (SODA Sheet Music)

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