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    Can SirDotDotDot's "Fantasia" be converted to a MP3 and be attached here?... Dial-up I can't listen to it if I can't download it directly.... (or at least, someone give me a link to the MP3 directly)...
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    Thanks, Eternal for the set!
    For any Finale questions, please look here before posting.
    I am no longer dealing with MIDI transcriptions due to lack of time.

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    Edit: Thanks Noir7! Sorry, I should have set my alarm so I could get up and post it...

    I'll comment some other day. We're having an open house and so I'm going to have to leave today.

    Also, just so everyone know, my song is actually called Menuet du Clair, not "sampleocm." "sampleocm.mp3" is just the filename.
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    First off, congrats to the people who submitted their compositions on time, and are elegible for a great competition of a shim load of songs. Second, my vote is for:

    KaitouKadou's "Nostalgic Youth"

    and hope his wondourus composition can take it up to the challenge!

    Below are my gigantic comments. Enjoy them, as I did myself.. nearly an hours of my time. Tisk, tisk.


    Thorn's Rites in the Forest : Oddly enough, I DID understand it, and I could convey on what you were trying to perswade. I think there's some room for improvment like adding pedal in some areas, still a good job nonetheless.

    Matt's Phantisie-Impromptu
    : Great, great song indeed! I love it a lot, and will always love it. Very simple, but just a little complex in it. It's ver expressionate too; all the thing a song needs. I've heard this before, so I can't comment any more newer ya know?

    hofodomo's hananohomo : Overall, this piece was very delightfull and had a nice progression, which got a little nacking after a while. I like how you could go into the different themes quite nicely, although some of them (for winds) was a little random in some parts. The fanfare was very nice too, the climax to that was the best. One thing I would have liked to hear, an entirely different theme in it, it all seemed pretty much the same, but varied in one way or another.

    SirDotDotDot's Fantasie : Very nice opening, a tad little cliche and sounds a lot like Cassa Nova in those opening chords. Just a thought. The strings had a very romantic part while the winds were pretty classical in-deed. This song has a modern-japanise feeling with an odd celtic one as well. They go good, but seems a little odd since I can't completely convey what you want me to feel. Don't worry, I feel the expression, just can really convey what it is. It seems to me you really know how to arrange, but I couldn't sway to your music as well--very technical, and to me--not expressionate. You use a lot of the same style of progression throughout it too. Great song, very, but needs a little editing I think.

    Noir7's Life and Death : Whoa. The the other voice behind the real one, was out of tune or something at parts.. but whatever, this song owns. PWN Job. I can convey what you were doing, and reminds me to some of the PTO music, and then it goes into like a 60s soundtrack things with the drumbs and trumpet. Very movie like in that section. Then the foruth section (violin) was really beautiful, favorite of the section. Great job, you might get the vote sir.

    One Winged's Showdown : Nice. Dynasty Warriors Opening, but with an old-feeling game twist with that piano. Ah god. Those chords, so great and devising. Nice job on that. Low strings and guitar, wewt. I like the guitars, but I wish I could really make out the melody that they're playing--although I get why they are really distorted, so I can let that slide a bit. And oh! A Celtic theme do I hear? Also a bit pirate-like too. Great job as it kinda fades out with all the themes.

    Arashi no Toriko's Teardrops : Nice opening, wish it was a little varied chord on the third one though. Nice opening and it went good with going into the next section, which I wish was a little more put together with chord switches. And it comes back in with the opening melody and I then hear the varied third chord, good. I wish it didn't stop like that after every section and wanted you to go to a major chord at some time; then you finally go to a section of major-ish chords. It's nice, but wish it was really put together better-improvation or not. Mainly I want this to keep flowing because teardrops don't stop and come up again, it's flowing and keeps dripping down your sleek face, which this piece didn't interpret too much, it's way to around the place and then it does those arpeggios--Agh! I like the drama, but this doesn't really fit "Teardrops" well. Sorry.

    Al's My Contrapuntal Nightmare : Bwuaha! Electric Harpsichord! Oh how that was unexpected from you, you little demon Al. Anyway, it was good-nice and early classical-barooque (wouldn't know, I'm more later classical, romantic and modern & impressionests). Nice cannon and two handed parts, how Bach! Nice job, you might get my vote, although I hate that style of music!

    clarinetist's No Title in Bb/C Minor : Good opening--oh I heard this before! Ah, that echo, annoying, must still go on. Still that echo is makes this song feel very out-of-tune. I like the melody and both the parts. Good key change, I like the Cm section better, although I wish the flute cam in with the piano and little earlier and flow with the piano's melody. It comes in with the same melody, but varies a little, good job on that, very professional. And the third section (Coda) came a little odd to me actually, the flute wasn't there at all.

    simplicityho's Flute and Cello duet in D-minor : Good opening melody with the Cello, though I can already predict the chords which I wish I couldn't--that took the shocking chord value from the piece I think. Good counterpoint, and a nice little prelude.

    ajamesu's The Swan's Adventure : For the name of the piece, I think it's going to be a very slow and romantic-celtic feel to it. Nope! Little piano solo! Hehe, make me chuckle a little. Anyway, some of the chords were odd, but some were good since I couldn't predict them, came with a little surprise there. I like that slower-ish little section with the left hand with the 3 notes each chord. Oh that Coda, nice job! Very cute and grrrreat ending chord! Very nice job there. Good Album-Blatt.

    PorscheGTIII's The Angel's Lullaby : Hmm. The opening one word-no. The harp sounds weird like random-ish chords. But that oboe sounds very nice. EH! THOSE CHORDS! NO AGAIN! Sorry man, but those chords sound really out-of-place. Either the arrangement of the instruments, but it sounds pretty bi-tonal, in the bad way. That next section seems pretty default with the chords, but sound good. It kinda repeats again with the refrain. The third section was the best, good chords and sort of a good progression part, though it came back into the theme, before that was alittle bit dragging, so to say. If this was really an Angel's Lulluby, I would call it more of an Arc-Angels' lulluby; since it's kinda medium with the good and evil thing.

    Alfonso de Sabio's Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in G minor (Mvt. 1) : I kinda already commented on this one in your thread, so I'm not going to commentate or even listen to it since I know all about it. Your high up there in my consideration, you might get my vote buddy.

    KaitouKadou's Nostalgic Youth : I've heard this, a while ago so I'll critique this one though. Ah yes! I know this one! This fanfare for piano! Great job, though some little odd chord melodies here and there. I like how the left hand comes in with the support and falls a bit down again. I like the melody in that more wavy section. Sounds very romantic and yet the happy face you get when you stare in someone you love's eyes. Great interpretation of a Nostalgic Youth. Man the emotion from this song. You are like this | | close from getting the vote. In fact, as of now, your on the vote. Almost brings a tear to my eye. Great composition... just great. Possibly your best Sir. KK. That little ending section was beautious.

    firebird7o4's Kind Words : A little bland opening. Really default with the chords, and emotionless. Not to compare from my last comments, I switched my brain to neutral everytime I listen to new songs. Thing is, I didn't feel the "Kind Words" in this like I wish I could of. Kind Words, to me, is more of a slow-medium tempo ballad or album-blatt, not this robusk rhapsodie.

    Noir's Nox Lacrima : Nice opening, out of no where! Into a melody. A little random how it stops and goes back up again though. Ok, now the viola (?) comes in kinda strong from the piano opening, but it's good how it fades to that quieter feel. Nice chords and the filling of the string and the piano. You switch sections very well, and with the default progression, you made it sound very nice--you seemed to pull it off. I wish they're-d be a piano solo in this somewhere though, like, NO string instrument. It also seems to get a little repeditive with the theme and the chords in the left hand of the piano. Then the string goes very low, odd sounding--the harmonics sounded better. It kinda draggd on from then, but good ending--but the string sounded out of place gound that long. Still a good piece, GJ.

    Zeroclef's hyouryuu metsuretsu- driftling chaos : Ah, nice dissonants! Sounds like me--untill that.. racket picks up. Weither it;s drifing chaos, it should have a little more than this. Hmm.. very random for any chaos.


    Hope you all are happy with my comments. Sorry for harshness, but I need to speak my mind and give everyone advanced critique.

    Thank you, and hope you appreciated 40-50 mins of listening to a bunch of songs and identifying them.

    ~ Seth
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    Bach: Prelude and Fugue in Bb minor, WTK Bk. II
    Schubert: Piano Sonata in A minor, D. 845 Op. 42
    Satie: Desiccated Embryos
    Debussy: Étude No. 1, 'pour les cinq doigts' L. 136
    Prokofiev: Piano Sonata No. 7 in Bb Major, Op. 83
    Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 1 in F# minor, Op. 1

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    Added Deathraider and Decoren's songs! Sorry!

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    I'll start with my reviews of each so I can listen to them then reivew right after.

    Thorn: It was an interesting piece. I think it would make a wonderful background music to a fight scene or a factory scene in a game but as a song, it wasn't too high on my taste.

    Matt: Nice flow from intro to your song. However, it feels more like you simply took two songs and stuck them together. It lacked a recapitulation.

    Hofodomo: The midi gives it an extra closeness toward the SNES sound haha. You sort of started in one pace and kept that pace throughout the song. I was hoping for more dynamic contrast. Few messy chords.

    SirDotdotdot: VERY GREAT START. Loved everythign until 1:43, then the music began to get weak for about 10seconds but you brought it back. Very good use of percussion. The 3:55 pause felt a bit too long. Don't like the combination of the duet in the soft part after it. 5:55, violin entry too high! Octave lower would have been much better in my opinion. I think a simple p<f would have been better than the fp<f for the ending. Over all, awsome work!

    One Winged: A nice catchy beat on the drums. The song itself however feels too common. I know you didn't copy but it's like you took bits of songs in your head and put them together. Cause I know I've heard many of the motifs in this song. But anyways, the electric guitar was a bit loud. The flute theme I didn't like but everything was just perfect!. Nicely planned music.

    Noir7: Who sang for you? That singer or those singers were crazy good. The music sounded like something from Disney, great piece. Your first middle section with no voice felt a bit dragged out but that's about all that I can criticize lol.

    Arashi no Toriko: Why was it so quiet? Even on the parts I know you wanted deep a forte, it was still soft. I'll consider it a technical glitch. The song was a nice calming piece but it felt needlessly dragged out. You repeated each theme one more time than what I would have liked as though you were trying to add length.

    Al: Boroque, and here I thought this song would be crap when i heard the first 5 notes lol. Very good establishment of the time era's character. I would have increased the tempo a bit more though. I don't see your theme though. Where is the "nightmare"? If you had titled it boroque then it would be one of the best pieces here that's showing what it is trying to show.

    Clairnetist: Too much pedal! You're making the instrument roar! Otherwise, nice to listen to.

    Simplicityho: Certain sections would have definately worked better if you had let the flute hold its note. Too simple and the balance wasn't really well established between the two. Even with consideration of the midi quality, I have to say it wasn't too well written.

    ajamesu: "The swan adventure" huh, I can...sort of...see it.

    PorscheGTIII: The instroduction of the other instruments were too abrupt. Maybe allow the lower strings to come in before you added the snare and bass drum. radomiso to faradomi does not really have the same mystic quality, something to watch for in the future. 1:57, perhaps ultering the theme between pizzacatto strings would have been better than leaving it completely open with rests.

    Alfonso de Sabio: Does not flow well from one theme to another even though individual themes are not bad.

    Firebird7o4: I know I make similar mistakes but I still have to say this. Repeating the lefthand with do-so-do(high)-so over and over again really tires the ears. A short nice piece.

    Noir: You and noir7 were different people? I thought you two were the same for so long! A bit loud on the violin. A pleasant piece nonetheless.

    Zeroclef: Unpleasant! But that's what the music symbolizes so it's fine lol. A bit random and short.

    Deathraider: Nicely written but volume adjestments between the instruments should be made at certain parts. Was your ending an all together different theme? That was a bit wierd for me.

    Decoren45: Your music is trying to describe life in Korea right? Whats with the battle theme in the end? And that sad oboe, lol I'm just j/k. But about the song, your themese were wonderful but your bridges were bad. Also, is this song even finished?

    Now that I've listened to all the compositions, and after careful considerations of mp3/midi quality difference, musicality, theme vote goes to...

    One Winged's "Show Down"
    Very nice job in creating the atmosphere of a showdown.

    That was my comments all, I decided to be more harsh since this was a competition. Good luck to you all!

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    Thorn's Rites in teh Forest
    Unfortunately I didn't get it. I didn't get the idea at all, but I'm not too open minded about music-theory-compositions, so to say. Of course I can see a deep intellect in your composition, but it's something that doesn't please me personally.

    Matt's Phantasie
    Elegant introduction. That little light melodic play you use worked really well, but I would have liked it to develop more! This piece is in dire need of modulation, and that melody could serve as a great contrast when played in a major key (Like if you modulated it from D minor into F major). Overall, the sound of this piece is good, but not touching enough to win this contest. I liked it though, it has that special 'Matt'-feeling which I keep telling you about =P Partially because of your D-minor fanboyism. But it's a nice key indeed ^^

    hofodomo's hananohome

    Somehow this song has a quite strong feeling. Great string play, and I very much enjoyed the later introduction of the trumpet. I feel that you could have given the bass a better pattern. There seems to be a few notes that sound very out of place, but I'm almost sure you know that and that they are a part of the feeling you were trying to convey. While the strings do their job, I would have wanted more articulation like tremolo or more staccato. The higher register violins, for instance. I liked the cooling-off effect when it drew near the end. Although the 'very' ending seemed abrupt.

    SirDotdotdot's Fantasia
    Okay, there's no denying the orchestration is nothing else but awesome. Everything from instrumentation, articulation, expression are there. My favourite part of this entire score consists of 2 seconds though, haha. Don't take it the wrong way, the whole thing is great, but there are those 2 seconds which I find very magical. These are the notes in 00:35-00:37. The only thing I have to criticise in the orchestration department are the timpani rolls. They seem very MIDI-like and static. The way the rest of the instruments interract though, is just... awesome. There's a great unity in this composition as a whole, even though there's no melodic pattern that I can pick up and hum afterwards. Great song, this is definately one of my favourite songs of this composition contest.

    Noir7's "Life and Death"
    Dude... what the hell is this?

    One Winged's "Showdown"

    Well my Swedish friend. No doubt this tune delivers what the title suggests. The picture that comes to mind is a Naruto-like final battleish scene. Real cool sound. I like how you managed to get a heavy distortion guitar to blend in so nicely without grabbing all the attention like a pseudo Emo. The drum beats served as a good rhythmic addition, but I would have liked them to bang a little more, especially during the full parts. Once the woodwind came in, my mental image of this battle suddenly descended, and I realised I'm in Scotland! Good job! Or as we Swedes say, Schüsst! Supernajs!

    Arashi_no_Toriko's "Teardrops"

    Nice intro (although why is the piano panned to the left in the stereo field? So annoying!). I didn't like the development from the sombre intro. It was not until the middle of the song where I could lift my eyebrows in content. I'm also not sure of what I think of the later sections of the song. While they're pretty nice, they don't really fit the picture as I see it. Good ending.

    Al's Contrapuntal Nightmarrreeee (scary voice)

    As I've stated so many times, I don't really like brain-compositions, or songs that are composed almost slavishly after music theory principles. This song though... There's something I can't put my finger on why I like it, but it simply charms! Three voices playing at the same time is awesome, and I can't figure out how you ever achieved that without sounding like a group of jazz musicians. The harpsichord is definately the right instrument for this song. My favourite sections are 00:30 and 1:07. I love how you made the bass notes' role important. And why do I find myself moving my head right and left in tempo to your song? I don't know...

    clarintetists's Untitled

    You remind a lot of myself in my younger composing-days. Those woodwind melodies, piano arpeggiated harmonies... Although I didn't like the sound of this composition. It's waaaaay too blurry-sounding, and I think you used waaaaay too much reverb. But that's not what I'm supposed to review, so I'll just ignore that. Song-wise this is a really simple song. In both good and bad ways. It lacks interesting development. When you composed this, you played it real safe, so to speak. You composed it so that there's nothing really wrong with the piece, but on the other side it doesn't push the limit at all. It's simply an übersweet song which doesn't go further. However, this song shows your growth as a composer, which I'm very pleased to hear.

    simplicityho's "Duet"

    Hm... though the flute and cello are really cool instruments, you didn't succeed in getting a nice blend between the two. I don't have much to say about this piece. It's a good try, and it's nice to see that you're willing to learn about small orchestration.

    ajamesu's "The Swan's Adventure"

    This song sounds very standard. Don't get me wrong, I liked it! It's clearly over standard-musicwise, but I still feel it needs a few other elements to explode! I love the key though, F major is my favourite key in major-keyed songs. I also liked how you used the left hand. It never got repetitious or annoying. It shone just the right amount and supported the right hand very nicely throughout the whole 1:34. This is another thing I wanted to comment on. This song is just a minute and a half. Now is this good or bad? Often it's too short to grab much attention, but in this case I think you made an excellent choice. If this would've gone on longer, it would turn dull and grey, so good job on that. You might want to have a better closure though, to indicate that the song is truly at an end.

    Porsche's "Lullaby"

    The harp + oboe combination at the beginning is always a safe card to use. It sounds sweet, but the oncoming drums kind of smashed my image of a lullaby. At 1:22 the third section kicked in, and it was for the better actually. The bassoon does its job there in the background, playing a short counter-melody to the main instrument. Again, the drums here sounded out of place. At the end you decided to replay the first and inital theme, which was good! It gave the piece unity. Nicely ended, too.

    Alfonso de Sabio's "Concerto"

    That chord progression you started off with is really nice Alfonso. The following more-chaotic section went nicely into the orchestral section; Good job! There comes that chord progressions again, sweeet. I enjoyed the strong semi-staccato strings accompanied by those bass drums. Both brass and woodwind melted in perfectly with the strings, but I'm a little suspious whether the piano served its right place here. Maybe it's just the presentation (aka, MIDI-sounding...) that's playing tricks on me. I bet if this was recorded it would be so much more impressive. This of course goes for all compositions, but especially with this one. The only real criticism I can give about the orchestraion (except for the piano) is that I didn't quite like the pizzicato jumps. They were too loud, and I think they would've worked better if played by the cello or contrabass in one octave below their current line. The 4:30 parts were real nice. I enjoyed very much how they connected with the following sombre part. Real nice contrast there. Then the silence is broken, and the hectic main melody crashes in! Much like SirDotdotdot's composition, this piece has a real nice overall feeling, which is mainly found in the orchestration rather than melody/harmony. Great job Alfonso.

    Kaitou's "Nostalgic Youth"

    Lovely intro. It set the mood instantly. Although I would have preferred it to be shorter, and give a brief pause which would eventually lead into the song. The main parts are quite tasty too. You chose to use simple chord progressions with basic arpeggios which I most of the time prefer. Your pedaling is not correct though... The more fast-paced 2:15 > section was nice contrast to the first part, but the left hand here became way less appealing than when it was played slowly. However, I liked how you used that main theme and added different variations on it throughout the whole song. The last section was the best.

    firebird's "Kind words"

    Your pedaling seems wrong here, although it isn't noticed much =P This piece is quite short and it doesn't succeed to appeal to me. There's no real melody to grab on to, and the song as a whole doesn't contribute very much. It starts, and then it's over... kinda.

    Noir's "Nox Lacrima"

    The piano/violin duet worked quite well in this one. There is one big concern though. The first minute I could listen to this piece at ease, but after that... it didn't develop at all. The rest of the song didn't contribute with much at all. However, the ending was truly nicely done.

    Decoren's "Life in Korea"

    I was anxious to hear this song after your description of it. It felt very personal somehow. The song itself was nice! I liked the soft-dissonance in the accompaniment. I was expecting more a more ethnic lineup considering the title, but standard instruments worked well too. The only instrument I had trouble with was the French Horn, or whatever brass instrument that was. The oboe totally oversung it. I think it should have a more defined solo passage (although it did have better parts later on). You built up really nice dramatic lines towards the end parts - I liked them! I didn't like the ending, it felt incomplete.

    Death's Menuet du Clair

    Truly, truly well-written. I especially loved the minorites and details. Those little 00:12 and 00:24 sounds were great, IMO. That flute in the background was a great addition also, to accompany the oboe. The instrumental variations were well planned and so were the slight modulations in the strings. I liked how the slow strings never got static and dull - they were always very tender and you managed to add good dynamics. The second theme which was introduced halfway through was a nice touch, and there is comes again! At 03:27, that wonderful little tune. The piano though... I'm not sure if I liked its role. This song as a whole reminded me some of Lion King's music. Although it doesn't sound like Hanz Zimmer at all, but the 'feeling' is there somewhere. The ending was great, I liked the soft pulsing strings, and the fact that it ended in a major key! Fantastic work, Death!


    And there we have it. A bunch of great songs, and only one to vote for. My top-three consists of SirDotDotDot's Fantasia, Alfonso de Sabio's Concerto, and Death's Menuet du Clair.

    It's a tough decision, but I have to root for SirDotDotDot's Fantasia. It just has that glowing aura around it which I find irresistable. And even though the other two were just as fantastic, it would be wrong if I didn't vote for this.


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    btw Noir7, it's 'Hana no Hime', not 'Hana no Home' (the file I uploaded was
    spelled correctly, I checked =D)

    I just got home from like 7 hourse of marching band practice, and I am tired, and
    the comments will be uber short. So I will state some pros and cons.

    Oh yeah, if I sound harsh, I don't mean to be, it's just that I'm frikkin tired right now, and I think we're all old enough to not need the 'ooh, nice job, pat on the back' type of comment. (My vote is at the end).


    Hyouryuu metsuretsu - this is one of those where you really need the performer to convey the music (ie the MIDI does it no justice). It is quite strong and defined, however, there was little variety here and rough on the edges.

    Showdown - nice use of rythms to generate the mood you wanted. However, I would like a more definite climax.

    Nostalgic youth - reminds me of a mix of the Olympic Games and some 70's love story. You knew what you were doing, and conveyed it through this piece. Perhaps lay a little lower on the piano decorations up high? It's not bad at all, just stood out in a way that didn't sit well with me.

    Rites in the forest - very 20th century, and a nice one at that. This is a very workable piece, but once again, the MIDI does it little justice. I know it's not your fault, but I can't judge what I think it should sound like. That said, most likely due to the MIDI, it's to 'flat' all the way through (i.e. little contrast).

    Teardrops - I like simple contempory pieces that flow better rather than are complicated. I think you overdid the middle section, though. Too much fast figures.

    Swan's Adventure - nice's just, "nice". Good for a short piece, though due to its length, you were probably unable to fit in much thematic material.

    I'm sorry, I don't have the mental stamina to write anymore......
    so my vote goes to Decoren45's "Life in Korea". I'm a hardcore Nobuo Uematsu fan, and your piece reminds me of his work. I don't really care that the ending is not entirely fixed up and complete, but the music flows extremely, and I love your harmonic shifts throughout. The change of style in the middle was also very nice, lovely use of the french horn. To me, this is very nostalgic. Nice job.

    Fine, I'll try and write some more.
    Honourable mentions....

    My Contrapunctal Nightmare - I think the nightmare refers more to the experience of the composer, rather than the audience (I know writing a fugual piece can just pwn you like none other). So hats off to you. Hate the harpsichord, though

    Angel's Lullaby - I don't like the instrumentation, but what you tried to convey, from the floating atmosphere, to the more intense snare hits work out quite well. Once again, the MIDI does this piece no justice.

    Fantasy-impromptu in d minor - this is one of those "good to sit back and listen to pieces". Nice job, nice and gentle, flows well. Could've used more intensity in parts.

    Clarinetist's Untitled - wonderful orchestration. Lovely piece, though I think a more "pulsed" feel would suit this well (I'm thinking FFX's Suteki da Ne right now...)

    I know I didn't get everyone, hungry as well...
    Oh yeah, in case you missed it, Decoren45's "Life in Korea" gets my vote.
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    Ah... Even though I'm dead tired, I am up to the challenge of writing all these in depth (I hope) criticisms. Without further hassles...

    Rites of the Forest

    I like it. I know many people won't like it, but I do, it has its own personality. I like your motives and ornamentations. But since I'm not much of a impressionistic/20th century person, I couldn't give much helpful criticisms, except that more varied dynamics would be nice (you've got the lovely rhythms and timbres there).

    Phatasie Impromptu in D minor

    This is the third time I'm commenting on this piece... or was it the fourth? Either way, it's a lovely string orchestra piece; definitely worthwhile technical wise, but it lacked something... Not really the expression or anything, but just a sense of satisfaction, but if I were to be picky technical wise, it's well done.

    Hana no Hime

    It's MIDI, thus the orchestration were too blah. Your flute and oboe were playing at the same register, and so the oboe makes more nasal. I didn't like the pizzicato opening either, it was too high to be that elegant low pizz. There were some bad doublings too (ie harp and violins) later on, it's a nono to me. This piece never had much things that caught my ear. I guess it's an acceptable piece though, not bad.

    Life and Death

    Sounds like something from Lion King, definitely impressive. I truly liked it; but my only comment for you is to linger your little part near your coda longer, cos it's nice, but you ended it kind of too early. Definitely excellent.


    Celtic battle theme? That's a new idea, nice idea. But I'm never really into percussions or modern game music too much. I didn't like some of the overdrive/distortion guitar parts. I guess it's pretty well done for those who likes this kind of music, but unfortunately, it's not my cup of tea. Furthermore, your flute parts sounds like the Irish Washerwoman (or whatever that song's called) in minor.


    It went everywhere, with just melody and harmony; and all the parts aren't that well connected, which I believe a lot of composers have. The bits and pieces were fine, but it just didn't sing as a whole.

    My Contrapunctual Nightmare

    I'm sure this was your nightmare, because your piece reminded me of my harmony homework. XP Definitely EVIL! But oh well, it works well technically.

    Untitled in Bflat/Cm

    Like Noir7 said, it sounds like a student's work. Not that it's a bad thing, but it isn't a good thing to audience either. There are a lot of scoring mistakes and all that, but that's okay. It's kind of dull throughout, all though I see you tried. The transition was kind of wobbly too.

    Flute and Cello Duet

    I didn't like it, sorry. Sometimes the flute and cello just don't match. I don't really know what to say. Oh well. Forgive my short comment.

    Swan's Adventure

    I looked at your score, and I said 'wow, finally someone who writes scores properly'; if I were to grade you visually, you'd get an A+. Unfortunately, your music didn't par to your lovely skill to notate. It sounded too... normal. Which isn't a bad thing for a growing composer. Good job nonetheless.

    Angel's Lullaby

    I was concerned about your ensemble. Partially because you placed a harp in a band; that took a point off already (yes, I'm very traditional ). Then when it played, the orchestration were like a concrete wall; one on top of another. I didn't like it though, because oboe and harp is too... Um... How about I describe it as sad on celestial without a balance? I don't know how to describe it, but I just didn't like how you used the oboe on harp. Your idea for your melody is indeed well done, but you didn't develop it to the level. Well, it's definitely a good try.

    Concerto for Piano and Orch.

    The pattern were just too clear, for those people who likes clear stuff, I'm sure it's a great piece. But I like music with more thinking, thus your orchestration is too 'clean'; make them clash a little so it sounds more than just violin 1, violin 2 + timpani all playing consonances. I do like some parts though. But I just don't really like the theme, too... um... I don't know, clean. Also, where are the flutes, clarinets and bassoons? All I can hear from the woodwinds is oboe; clarinets and bassoons are wonderful to claim a few soli, and the flute is good to scream on their high notes. Overall, it's pretty good, but I just never liked piano that much. Well done.

    Nostalgic Youth

    I didn't really like it. It's too much like the kind of music that you ignore when you watch a movie (not to be rude ). The accompaniment vs. melody was too dull too since you did it to most part of your song, apply middleground instruments. It's alright, not bad.

    Kind Words

    This piece is more like an accompaniment than a solo piece. I was expecting a solo voice singing on top of this piece. Though if it was to be judge alone, the harmony is too dull and unified. The melody was alright though, just not too interesting. Not bad at all.

    Nox Lacrima

    The violin went too screechy for my taste, but the piece as a whole wasn't bad. Although it didn't intrigue me that much other than a sweet little piece.

    Drifting Chaos

    You were trying to make it tonal and eerie, weren't you? Well, it wasn't quite a good job, you misused/abused the tritone too much.

    Menuet du Clair

    It didn't give me the sense of a minuet the dance so that kind of disappointed me. It was too 'flat' throughout the beginning, everything felt too 'same'. I like how you used clarinet though, but I thought I heard an unnecessary oboe/string doubling moment, or was it something else. It's too soft throughout, you should boost some parts and exagerate others. There were some moments I didn't quite find your orchestration fitting, but usually the strings dominate those parts, I guess it's acceptable. Also, your progression sounded too... ah... I can never get the words I want to say... well um... bland. Bleh, or something like that. When the piano was playing near the end, it went too clashy with the winds. Your melody was also too unjustified; or in other sense: too subtle to be remembered. It's a fine piece, much like movie music, but not really my cup of tea.

    Life in Korea

    I totally didn't like the opening woodwind/brass orchestration, too clashed and squished. All though I'm glad you used the poignant effect of oboe. I believe this piece would be better if it was for string orchestra. Your brass usage was okay after 2:10, but when the timpani came in, it turned awkward and not good. When your brasses play, they were too dominant, which you need to find the balance between the woodwinds and brass. The ending was too abrupt, even the chord would be acceptable. I didn't quite like this piece, but not bad for a try.

    Ugh... Tough decision, all though my four top choices would be Noir7's, Matt's, Thorn's and Alfonso's... Hm... I think my vote goes to Noir7's Life and Death as it just stands out from the other ones, and it's really pleasing to listen to even as a normal piece you'd put on iPod. Matt and Alfonso's were decent too, but they were probably too unfitting for my current mood. Although Thorn's was excessively interesting, since my composition workshop that I had today also talked about how anything could be music and such theories... Well, but I still personally prefer tonality and melodious stuff. Well done everybody, I'm sure Mozart would be proud of us all!

    Good luck everyone! <--- I just realized it's famous famous ending of all posts for criticizing compositions by me.
    I play the English horn.

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    Know that everything I say is subject to my mood/opinion at this time. All the songs were very decent, but they all had their downfalls (including my own, partly because it got cut a little short).

    Thorn's "Rites in the Forest"
    I’m not a big fan of this style of music. It didn’t seem well structured, and certain parts got really too repetitive. It had its moments where it sort of inspired feelings reminiscent of Lord of the Flies.

    Matt's "Phantasie Impromptu Nr.1 in D-moll"
    I love the style of this piece. It definitely reminded me of the Romantic period. The only thing I felt was missing was a key change, a change into the relative major key, or a really fast section. That probably wasn’t possible since it was in "D-moll,” it probably wouldn’t have worked into what you had in mind.

    hofodomo's "hananohome"
    I actually really liked this song. It reminded me of Secret of Mana in some places. I really liked the chord progression. The only thing that bothered me is that the chords seemed to get really repetitive after a while. It was very enjoyable, and it worked through the downfalls of MIDI orchestration fairly well.

    SirDotDotDot's "Fantasia"
    Let me just start by saying that this piece was very well orchestrated. Unfortunately, it really rubbed me the wrong way, too. It caught me as really cheesy, although I’m sure it was not meant to be, and I’m not sure why. Part of that, I’m sure, was the soundfonts you were using. The percussion really bugged me in some places, especially with the triangles. The use of harp in scales rather than arpeggios kind of bugged me, because arpeggios in this song would have been so much less jarring.

    Noir7's "Life and Death"
    I absolutely love this song! It reminds me of Phantom of the Opera so much, as well as Lion King (which is funny because you said the same about my song). The intersections of the song seemed a little upbeat for the rest of the songs theme, but it still worked out fairly well. It was very well recorded, and the singer did a superb job.

    One Winged's "Showdown"
    This reminds me of Halo music. I like the way the percussion drives the song forward. I like the new section that comes in around the middle with the flutes or whatever that gives it that sort of Celtic battle feel. The only thing I felt this song was really lacking was a good climax. That would have made the mood of the song so much more effective for me.

    Arashi_no_Toriko's "Teardrops"
    I think the recording I downloaded was messed up, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix that, because I kept trying to re-download it. It didn’t work still, though. I’ll try again tomorrow.

    Al's "My Contrapuntal Nightmare"
    The very beginning of the Fugue bothered me a little, but besides that, this short song was very well done. I’m not sure of the significance of the name. I really enjoyed the song, but it wasn’t very captivating, just fun.

    clarinetist's "No Title in Bb/C Minor "
    You already know that I like this song. I think the midi didn’t give it justice. The Flute in the mp3 still bugs me, but that’s the best I had. I hope it’s good enough for your song. Sometime the dissonance got a little heavy in the song for me, but generally it was very well done. I love what you did with the piano as an accompaniment. Use of ornamentation was very well done.

    simplicityho's "Flute and Cello duet in D-minor"
    The orchestration between these two instruments was a little boring. Perhaps if the duet were backed up by some other ambient instruments in the background, it would have been more exciting. Some dynamics would also have been appreciated. I also didn’t love the melody part, but I couldn’t begin to tell you why. It was also a little on the short side.

    ajamesu's "The Swan's Adventure"
    This song was not bad, although I wish maybe a different, perhaps even minor melody would have been used in part of the song. After all, you can’t very well have an adventure without some kind of conflict in it.

    PorscheGTIII's "The Angel's Lullaby"
    The orchestration on this song wasn’t too shabby. Some really deep resonant part, like a double bass or a tuba would have helped me to internalize the song better, I think. The new melodies in the middle section could have been more memorable, like if they were in a higher register with a bit of a louder accompaniment.

    Alfonso de Sabio's "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in G minor (Mvt. 1)"
    Hmmm…this song it a tough one. I really want to like it, but it’s kind of akward for me. I think I would have liked it better if there was more of a flowing theme throughout the whole thing. There was so much repetition in it, sometimes that was overwhelming. Maybe if instead of the English horn having the melody around the middle, if the flute had the melody, it would have had a better flow. The piano section that began around 2:20 really drove the piece forward well, though. The ending, in my opinion, really needed to actually have that climactical chord as the final chord, with lots of volume, then maybe fade out, or have the woodwind chord after that. I’m not sure if that made sense, but the piece would have been more fulfilling if the ending had had the climax that the piece had been building up to.

    KaitouKadou's "Nostalgic Youth"
    I think this song needs more of a melody at the beginning. The “fanfare” feel that Mazeppa commented on would me much more effective if you got some melody to go on top of what you have, because it feels like you have counterpoint without the main melody. The more legato section needed a bit more variation in dynamics, tempo, etc. The faster section after that is a very nice addition, though, as is the quiet section directly following that one.

    firebird7o4's "Kind Words"
    This song somehow reminds me of “Mezzonotte Passeggia Cielo,” the first song I ever entered in a contest on Ichigos. I don’t have much to say besides that it’s a decent song. Maybe lift the pedal a bit more so the sound doesn’t get to muddled.

    Noir's Nox Lacrima
    Besides that fact that the violin soundfont you used is like nails on a chalk board to me, the beginning was very nice. Unfortunately this piece got old very quickly. The slow section in the piece sort of made the ending drag on. I think the piano dynamics, however, were very nice, and I only wish the violin hadn’t been so abrasive to me.

    Zeroclef's "hyouryuu metsuretsu- driftling chaos"
    Um…the dissonance in the piece made it really hard to understand, and it didn't really convey any sort of mood with the cacophony. Chaos was definitely what the song was, but when I listen to a song depicting chaos, I don’t necessarily want the song to be chaotic. I don’t know if I can explain that very well, though…

    Decoren45's "Life in Korea"
    The melody definitely reminded me of both Hasaishi Jo’s and Nobuo Uematsu’s music. I really enjoyed this piece. I think the woodwind feel really worked for the piece. I think this is definitely one of my favorites in this contest.

    My three favorites were probably Showdown, Life in Korea, and Life and Death. I think they are all really effective in conveying their respective moods and that they are all really well orchestrated, and…they don’t annoy the crap out of me when I listen to them. Other favorites are Matt's Impromptu and Al's Fugue.

    My final vote is:
    Noir7's "Life and Death"
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    I'm glad we have so many participants! Lots of great stuff to listen to.

    Thorn's "Rites in the Forest"
    I am not familiar with Messiaen's works and I am not a big fan of this style of music. But I am still highly impressed by the complexity of your rhythm and harmony. Good job.

    Matt's "Phantasie Impromptu Nr.1 in D-moll"
    Not much more I can say about this piece! It flows really well (true fantasy), with good use of rubato and expression. I agree with Noir7 though: a contrasting section would have suited it nicely.

    hofodomo's "hana no hime - yume"
    Your limited chord progression prevented us from feeling the sense of direction. And in this orchestral setting, you had a lot of melodies going on at once (so many variations, well-done though), but the listener needs to be able to follow the main theme (which I occasionally found difficult to do). Your chord progression at the end actually led me to believe a new section was about to come, and that it was not the end of the piece.

    SirDotDotDot's "Fantasia"
    Like everybody said, excellent orchestration and expression, with good variety/contrast too in the middle. Although the lovely 'sound' was there throughout, it lacked a memorable theme. That's the only beef I have with the piece. Good job my slave, you make your master proud!

    Noir7's "Life and Death"
    I've had the honour and privilege of watching this song evolve from its early stages. Well done! Easy to follow along and captivating. I would have preferred more 'duet' though, as in the very end.

    One Winged's "Showdown"
    Nice guitar/drumming. The Celtic theme was unique and unexpected. Definitely felt like a showdown at first, but then it unfortunately lost its steam near the end. A climax that brings out full distortion and drums would have been great.

    Arashi_no_Toriko's "Teardrops"
    The best parts were the beginning and the end, when I truly felt the sadness. However, the piece suffered from the repetitive chord progression. Not only that, for many parts of the piece, the melody acted more as an accompaniment rather than a true theme. Anyway, well done with breaking the silence and letting your emotions out.

    Al's "My Contrapuntal Nightmare"
    You could have done a better job than this. I'm so ashamed of you! You call this music? You're giving ME nightmares!

    clarinetist's "No Title in Bb/C Minor"
    I would have liked to hear more contrast and development, because it had practically the same sound throughtout. You also switched from piano to woodwind/strings a number of times, but the difference was too much for me. Perhaps you could unite them?

    simplicityho's "Flute and Cello duet in D-minor"
    Not bad, seeing how restricted you are (one note at a time). You have the opportunity to really expand this piece and fully explore what those two instruments can do (study more counterpoint!). For example, the ending, drag it out so we know it's coming.

    ajamesu's "The Swan's Adventure"
    What fun! A very enjoyable piece. Maybe you could add a contrasting section? Anyway, Noir7 is right about the ending.

    PorscheGTIII's "The Angel's Lullaby"
    It didn't feel like a lullaby to me. Aside from my issues with the title, this wasn't a bad piece. I can't really comment on orchestration, since I don't know much about these instruments. Actually, I really don't know what to say about this piece . . except for: what's with holding the note and resuming at 2:50?

    Alfonso de Sabio's "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in G minor (Mvt. 1)"
    I remember this piece! You've improved on it a lot since the last time I heard it. The virtuosity of the piano is amazing as usual, and the parts where the orchestra and piano play together are excellent. However, I think certain transitions could have been worked better (such as the return to the main theme near the end). And I agree with deathraider, that the ending was unexpected and in need of a well-deserved climax! Either that, or build up the crescendo even more, and lower the volume on the brass further (with perhaps a slight pause before the brass plays the last note).

    KaitouKadou's "Nostalgic Youth"
    I sensed nostalgia and pride, no regrets. I quite enjoyed the sweet section at approximately the 1 minute mark. Actually, nice contrasting sections throughout, as if you're going through the different stages in life. The only thing I didn't like in the piece was the repetitive rhythm in the melody of the final/loud part. Otherwise, nicely done! Your grandpa must have been so happy.

    firebird7o4's "Kind Words"
    Doesn't sound like 'kind words' to me . . perhaps instead it's about someone who is in search of those kind words? Someone who needs to have kind words spoken to him/her? Aside from the messy pedaling, nice and short piece. I enjoyed the fast-paced complexity of the middle part.

    Noir's "Nox Lacrima"
    Night tears? Rough translation, man I need to read up on my Latin notes . . anyway, a sweet piece. I enjoyed the piano/violin duet. They complement each other well. However, I think a contrasting part would do well to keep the interest in the piece until the end.

    Zeroclef's "hyouryuu metsuretsu - driftling chaos"
    I enjoyed the dissonance, but within that chaos, there still needs to be order. I didn't get any sense of direction, and the ending came out of nowhere.

    Deathraider's "Menuet du Clair"
    Like Sir Dot, I had expected a dance. Otherwise, the orchestration and mood/expression were just great. However, there wasn't much contrast (it stayed sweet and mellow throughout), there wasn't much of a strong theme, and the piece sounded more suitable as background music for a movie or whatever (unless that was your intention, seeing as how 'Clair' may play an important role).

    Decoren45's "Life in Korea"
    Well-written piece, lots of variety throughout. Although I understand your justification for an abrupt ending, it doesn't work here. However, you can still convey your extended stay in Korea in other ways, such as holding that last note and let it fade away, or as in pop music, you can have a theme repeat a few times as the sound dies down.


    My vote goes to Noir7's "Life and Death". Putting aside the fact that I am well-acquainted with this piece, this song sticks out the most in its uniqueness and simplicity.

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    Ignore this post. I meant to post this in my thread.

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    Hahaha, I'm gonna review every single one too! And I'm gonna give looong comments, lol.


    Thorn's "Rites in the Forest" - I really like some of the ideas of this, for example, at 51 seconds with the cluster chords and the call and response sort of thing at 1 minute 40 secs. However some ideas were a bit... like they were trying to fill in a gap, and they lasted too long. For example, at 37 seconds ish with the sequence. Even the bit at 51 seconds which I liked got a bit "erm.. what shall I do next..? I'll keep playing this while I think up something else". I think I have a better tolerance to this than some people cos I've been studying this kind of stuff for a while, but I think you know yourself that's it's an acquired taste.

    Matt's "Phantasie Impromptu Nr.1 in D-moll" - Ah.. a nice, melancholy piano piece. What would an Ichigo's Composition competition be without one? (Somebody write me some Honky-Tonk!!) The piece itself is nice. The intro makes you think "aaah... this is nice..." But as Noir7 said... it's needs a modulation. Or something for more of a contrast. You have a lot of the alberti bass going on in the left hand, and a lot of the same sort of chord progressions at times. The name "Phantasie Impromptu" sort of implies that there's a contrasting section in it somewhere. Think about Chopin's "Fantasie Impromptu" The middle section is very lyrical and sweet compared to the agitated outer sections. Your piece sort of starts and stops at times, which I can tell that's what you want.. it sorts of reminds me of somebody sighing. Dunno if that's a good thing, lol. But overall, I like this piece. It would do well as some background music in a twisted-love-triangle-drama sort of thing, lol. Is anybody else wondering about the accuracy of the title though? I don't know if they have "Nr." as an abbreviation in German.

    hofodomo's "hananohome" - *watches Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke ride off into the sunset* That's what it reminds me of, lol. It's quite majestic and strong. The strings get a bit ear-piercingly high at around 2 minutes 10 seconds, lol, and after that point, it starts to drag a bit because everybody's repeating the same motif again and again. Although at 2 minutes 48 I think "ah, it's fine, it's brought itself together again" but two seconds later the violins go doing backflips and such which I don't really feel is necessary for this kind of piece. After that though, it's really strong and I like that, until at 3 minutes 10 seconds the ear-piercing violins come back again, hehe. After that there are some nice counter-melodies. *likes counter-melodies* I'm not so fond of the ending though, with the long ritardando. Just sounds like a music-box that's running out of steam. And the ending note was a bit too abrupt You had something moving within that chord still, you could have let it finish what it was doing, and then finish the piece But overall, I like this. It has nice instrumentation and good motifs.

    SirDotDotDot's "Fantasia" - Ooh, this is grand spiffing stuff. But listening to the beginning, it makes me wonder "what a nice big ensemble... how are you going to contrast it later?" You started off with only a few tinkly things, and then whoosh ~ pretty much the whole ensemble is suddenly there. I just think maybe it could have been saved for later, especially when most of the parts are playing together. Where did the tinkly things go? I liked them. At 1 minute 35, I didn't think the sequence needed another go, lol. But I love that motif that you keep bringing back, sometimes it's there without the listener realising. And I looove the bit at 3 minutes 30 seconds. I thought you should have ended it not long after this really. ^^ Because the rest of it had been so grand... it was kind of dragging, I dunno, can't put my finger on it, lol. I do like the ending though... apart the fact that it went on for too long and the orchestral chord at the end, lol. (Anybody seeing a pattern here? I get bored easily)

    Noir7's "Life and Death" - Hehe, the first few seconds reminded me of Rite of Spring by Stravinsky, lol. And the instrumental at 1 minute 25 secs ish is very Andrew Lloyd Weber-ish. I must also say that this tiny bit by one of the singers at 3 minutes 25 ish sounds almost exactly like a bit from "Masquerade" from Phantom of the Opera Sometimes I felt that it lost its direction a bit. There was some sort of dialogue going on but I felt the music didn't always reflect what they were saying. I dunno.. like.. evil guy should be more tough - for lack of a better word - and maybe the guy in love should be more lyrical/melancholic because he is in woe. But overall, it's a very impressive piece, and the singer(s) were awesome. Just thought that the bad guy could sound a bit more gritty, but that's just perfomance details.

    One Winged's "Showdown" - First thing I have to say is: I love the drums with the unexpected stresses. I always love that in music when they have it. Very game-music like. At 2 minutes - Riverdance, anyone? Lol. Very innovative, just wish that your phrases didn't sound so finished at times. Reminds me of some of Paul Mounsey's works (guy who did the Visit Scotland music for the TV advertisements in UK). But I think lots of people have said this - this piece is in dire need of a climax. You've got two great sections: the electric, gritty bit and the more playful bit with the folk-music influences. I'm sure there is the a way in which you could have combined the two. If you do try that, please post that because I'd be VERY eager to listen to the result!

    Arashi_no_Toriko's "Teardrops" - Instantly reminds me of the song that Quon sings in RahXephon, lol. And I knew another melancholic piano piece would crop up in the list again. At 50 seconds, I was expecting that phrase to lead on somewhere a bit more exciting, so I didn't like the repeat(s) very much. At 1 minute 59 till 2 minutes 27 ish... what's it doing there? You've got 30 seconds of pretty much the same thing. Drags on a bit with the repeating. I think that that bit would have been really nice to bring back later but with really juicy chords backing it up, because it is a nice motif, which you obviously knew because you repeated it so many times! (You did bring it back later, but I felt it could have been so much more powerful - try working on that, I'd like to see what you can do) The contrasting section at 2 minutes 38 is very much welcomed, although I don't like the starting and stopping. I can see you wanted some dramatic pauses and such, but it just interuppted the flow of this new section. Maybe letting it become more familiar to the listener first and then putting in a dramatic pause would work better. All these ideas are just coming and going. While they're all very nice on their own, as a whole piece, the bits of the jigsaw don't quite match. But I do have one other thing to say: You have a very satisfying ending, which is often a problem I find when listening to people's compositions, lol.

    Al's "My Contrapuntal Nightmare" - First word that popped into my head when listening to this: cute! I'm glad it's so short though, I don't think I would have been able to cope with 3 minutes or more of this kind of stuff. The piece is better with that title in mind. *imagines Al scratching his head and pulling his hair out while composing* It's a well done piece, but not everybody's most favourite style.

    clarinetist's "No Title in Bb/C Minor" - Is this piece supposed to be played in a huge church hall? Too much reverb, lol. It sounded a bit messy at 50 seconds, and some of the chords after that point were a bit too heavy and pointed. The flute had a nice lyrical melody... although was it a "melody"? It lost its sense of direction at some points, and just seemed to be there. More of a background piece.

    simplicityho's "Flute and Cello duet in D-minor" - It might seem like "oh, a duet with flute and cello... should be easy enough", but oh, no! It's not With such contrasting instruments, it can be quite hard to set a good balance between the two. The cello can back up the flute, but the flute finds its difficult to back up to the cello. Nice try, but more could have been done with this.

    ajamesu's "The Swan's Adventure" - Aw, this is a sweet piece. I think you could easily make an arrangement of this with melody and accompaniment. The bass is quite "cheeky" (my word, lol), I quite like that I just think it's a shame that some of the ideas go away a bit too quickly, and the ending needs to be a bit stronger too. But apart from that, it's a nice piece ~ Make it into a song or something, I'd quite like that.

    PorscheGTIII's "The Angel's Lullaby" - Another game-background-music sort of thing. Sometimes the ensemble was playing too much in unison, making it sound like an accordian (seriously, listen to it ). The stops at around 1 minute 59... I didn't like them, lol. Overall, the piece was good, just that it suffered a bit from repeated chord patterns. Some phrases were repeated too much, while some weren't repeated enough. And the title doesn't reflect the music very well, I think. But nice ending though. ^^

    Alfonso de Sabio's "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in G minor (Mvt. 1)" - The piano solo before the orchestra comes in doesn't really flow that well. There's this bass line at one point which reminds me of Muse... lol. I really love the part with all the chords (and orchestra going "bang" in the background, if you will) but the really fast scale beforehand.. I dunno... I just thought it was silly, lol. The bit where the horns have the tune, that's very nice. And then you bring back the chord part which I like, yay! I'm not fond of the bit in triple time (6/8 I'm thinking?). I think the main trouble with this piece is there are so many epic ideas, they're all crushed together and they don't flow so well together. Overall though, it gives quite an impressive impact... until the ending. Really.. you could have done better than that!

    KaitouKadou's "Nostalgic Youth" - Lovely introduction, nice and strong and beefy! I think the repetition of the phrase at 1 minute 26 seconds could have had something done to it. It's dying for a different chord in the bass line, I can just sense it. When it takes off at 2 minutes 20, that's a nice solid bit, it all fits together well. And then there's the must-have music-box bit, lol. Very cute. The final section is very uplifting. Very nice. I think you did well with the kind of piece you were after. I could say "add a minor section" blah blah blah, but that just wouldn't fit. Only other things to say is... I think it might be a bit too long with the relatively small amount of melodic and harmonic material you're working with, and I'm actually wondering if it is playable *can't actually be bothered to rip the midi apart right now* Some bits sound like they need either 3 hands, or somebody with giant's hands.

    firebird7o4's "Kind Words" - Switching to 6/8 time so quickly wasn't so good I think. Maybe you should have just started in 6/8 time anyway? The bit at 1 minute sounds like "The Hearts Seeks Pleasure First" by Michael Nyman from the film called "The Piano". Anybody know what I mean? Overall, it's a nice piece, but could do with some more contrast in general, some dynamics, and some emotion.

    Noir's Nox Lacrima - Somebody want to turn the volume down on that violin? Lol. It's a shame that it was too loud because it's kind of distracting the listener away from the melody when it's just supposed to play a supporting role. Overall... it's a nice piece, but really needs to go somewhere. By the time it got to the end, I had forgotten what the beginning was like, but I just know it hasn't changed much since then.

    Zeroclef's "hyouryuu metsuretsu- driftling chaos" - Not much to say on this... you got the idea of "chaos". But I think I'd rather still listen to something more structured. For a sense of chaos, you can pick on things like rhythm, with stresses on weaker beats. This is just.. hm.. mess? The ending was a bit like "oh".

    Deathraider's "Menuet du Clair" - Lord of the Rings! That's what the intro reminded me of, lol. But then into something more Joe Hisaishi-like. A very beautiful piece, the mood you've set is very peaceful. The theme that you start at around 2 minutes 30 seconds reminds me of some other piece... who was it by? Schubert? Can't remember. ^^ The bit at around 4 minutes 20 seconds starts to sound quite magical, wish you could have done more with that. This is very much a background piece... and I don't think the title you've given up is very accurate without any knowledge of who/what "Clair" is. Have you got a story to go with this? I'd quite like to hear it.

    Decoren45's "Life in Korea" - The bit at 1 minute 15 sounds like an accordian. Most likely the midi's doing though, lol. But very nice ambience, it flows very well at first. However I dunno about the battle theme... lol. When it starts, it reminds me of Lord of the Rings too. ^^ *watches Orcs invade Ichigo's* But what happened about the ending? I was listening to it while looking at something else, and thought that Winamp crashed or something, lol.


    A huge amount of talent in this forum, it's been a great pleasure to listen to everybody's creations. It was tough to decide, but my vote goes to Deathraider's "Menuet du Clair". It was very hard to decide among some of the other pieces, but this one stood out as the most solid of the works. Showdown would have probably been my second choice, as I'm a huge fan of mixing music from different cultures together.

    Wait... who's Neko Koneko?

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    Nice to see you Spoonpuppet where you belong! (In the compositions forum!)


    SirDotDotDot I
    Deathraider I
    Decoren45 I
    KaitouKadou I
    One Winged I
    Noir7 III

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    Sorry my replies are short, its just that there are so many entries this time!

    Thorn's "Rites in the Forest"
    Umm... It's nice in the sense of trying something..."new age"... but definitely not my taste. It was too random for me.

    Matt's "Phantasie Impromptu Nr.1 in D-moll"
    I really like this piece, but it had one problem with me. It put me to sleep listening to it. I don't know what it was, but it lost my interest.

    hofodomo's "hananohome"
    Very well done, this piece was my third favorite out of all the entries. The reason it is second is because I did see enough dynamics as a whole group. Sure I hear different instruments go through different dynamics but it seemed to lack dynamics as a group. for example, a sFz crescendo or something along those lines. If it wasn't for that you would have had my vote for the win.

    SirDotDotDot's "Fantasia"
    There was really nothing I didn't like about this piece. The orchestration was great and so was the dynamics. I just like my choice better. So you didn't get my vote. Next time maybe, but not now.

    Noir7's "Life and Death"

    We have a winner! I Love the trumpet solo, it brought a tear to my eye (the only thing I would do to make it better would be to have the trumpet hit some notes in the screeching octave, but only like a half or whole note hear and there). The only thing I didn't like too much was the lyrics. Some of them seemed a bit cheesy to me, but it wasn't enough for me not to cast my vote to someone else. Congratulations!

    One Winged's "Showdown"
    This was a very good piece. It just wasn't in my taste at the moment.

    Arashi_no_Toriko's "Teardrops"
    This was a sweet piece, it just was boring to me. Somehow it needs jazzed up. Keep cracking at it and you'll have an awsome piece.

    Al's "My Contrapuntal Nightmare"
    Very well done! I like how at the beginning the music gave a hint of a nightmare. It just wasn't powerful enough to me to compete with my top choices. Maybe next time.

    clarinetist's "No Title in Bb/C Minor "
    No title, why not? J/K This piece was well done but again, it just wasn't powerful enough to compete with the entries I had chosen to be the cream of the crop.

    simplicityho's "Flute and Cello duet in D-minor"
    It was a good piece, just not to the level of this competition. It needed more instruments, more harmonizing, and a longer playing time.

    ajamesu's "The Swan's Adventure"
    That was nice piano piece, but again, it is not to the level to really compete in this competition.

    Alfonso de Sabio's "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in G minor (Mvt. 1)"
    This was good, but it too was boring to my tastes.

    KaitouKadou's "Nostalgic Youth"

    Well done! The only thing that kept you from being one of my prime choice was instrumentation. The song fells as if it should have been orchestrated to some kind of band/orchestra.

    firebird7o4's "Kind Words"

    This was a nice piece. It reminded me of a pop song of some sort put to piano. But, it just wasn't to the level that this competition seemed to demand this time. Try again next time!

    Noir's Nox Lacrima

    This was a good piece, but it just bored me to death. Maybe it wouldn't be so if there was more instrumentation to the piece.

    Zeroclef's "hyouryuu metsuretsu-driftling chaos"

    The name seems fitting to this piece. It was very random, as if someone was having a nightmare. It just isn't my type of music, so maybe next time.

    Deathraider's "Menuet du Clair"

    This was a very lovely piece! What kept it from being boring was your use of dynamics. It really gave the piece more shape. I just felt that the it wasn't quite the piece I was looking for to call a winner.

    Decoren45's "Life in Korea"

    I enjoyed listening to this piece. It was nice to see a concert band kind of arrangement for a change. This piece though just didn't strike me a champion above all. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

    So after all that is said my vote goes out to
    Noir7's "Life and Death"
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