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    Default anyone have 5 centimeters per second sheet music?

    i'm looking for the song composed by tenmon, used in the promos. i'm not sure of the title. really, i've looked everywhere! please help me!

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    someone's already transcribed that trailer clip. search the forum. he's also transcribed the ending theme of the anime as well.

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    Well... I've searched in every combination of Tenmon, Byousoku 5 cm, 5 cm per second etc. but I haven't found anything yet... Could you please give a link then?

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    It wasn't that long ago... only on page 2.
    Anyways the thread is

    By the way, there is a different transcription of the trailer at
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    Thumbs up Very good version

    I've searched a version of this song, and i've founded it !
    For a demo ( on youtube ) you can go this page
    For the SHEET, go THIS PAGE ( under "byousoku 5 Centimetre (5cm/s)" the first one )
    Have a nice day

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