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    Unhappy Tales of the Abyss sheet music!!!!

    I really want to play Meaning of Birth and Karma but I can't seem to find the sheet music... can anyone help me?

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    There's another topic on Tales of the Abyss sheet music here:

    (Though, it has been pushed back to lower part of page 2)

    KitsuneSqueak kindly transcribed Mirrors, which is similar to Karma, only slower. Footile at YouTube has made a video of Meaning of Birth. And, it seems to be played in the same key as KitsuneSqueak's Mirrors!

    ~Mirrors~ is posted in the above link. I attempted ~Grand Fonic Hymn~ though I didn't really like the result.

    If nobody else offers to take up Meaning of Birth, I may try it some time...likely not until school lets out, though. The treble is very similar to KitsuneSqueak's Mirrors, and the key seems to be the same.

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    Okay ty Tails Kitsune!!!You're AWESOME

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    why it is called karma really
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    I'd really like to learn this song, too, but I can't find sheets for Meaning of Birth...I'd like it if you did learn it, Tails Kitsune

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    I really lOVE this song... i really hope someone would post its piano sheets soon..

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